(Frequently Asked Questions)

Who Is Invited to GymPalooza? +

Who's Invited to GymPalooza?

Absolutely everyone!  Bring your family, friends and neighbors (no pets please).

Wristbands +

Who is required to get a Wristband?

All children must wear a GymPalooza Wristband to participate in GymPalooza activities including the bounce houses, free gymnastics lessons, rock climbing, derby days hippity hop racing, contests, etc.

How much do the wristbands cost?

Woo hoo!  Wristbands are completely FREE for all children but you must register to receive a wristband online or when you arrive at GymPalooza.

How do I get wristbands for my kids?

Reserve your free wristbands on this website by clicking the "Get Tickets" button.  You can reserve as many wristbands as you need.  We'll ask for your contact information and your kids first names and ages so that we can sign them up for the prize give-a-ways and free gymnastics classes during GymPalooza.

Prizes and Contests +

How Do We Win The Prizes?

Each family will receive 10 raffle tickets when you check in to pick up your child's wristbands.  You will keep 1/2 of the ticket and the other half will be placed into our drawing along with your wristband registration number.  Our GymPalooza D.J. will announce prize winners throughout the day.  If you are not present at the time of the drawing, we'll notify you by email and/or phone by matching your wristband registration number to your contact information.

What prizes are available to win?

We're keeping some of them a surprise, but we can reveal that prizes will include a bike, folding gymnastics mats, T-shirts, a Samsung Galaxy tablet, a free 8-week session of gymnastics classes, free gymnastics birthday party, and lots more to be revealed on GymPalooza day!

Free Gymnastics Classes +

What are the free gymnastics lessons?

All children are invited to sign up for free gymnastics lessons through the day at GymPalooza.  The classes will run approximately 20 minutes long and take place inside the Summit at Twistars USA Gymnastics Club.  Classes will be organized by age.

Can parents watch the gymnastics classes?

Yes!  Parents can watch from right inside the gym.  Parents of children under the age of 3 participate in the class with their child.

How do I know when its time for my class?

Your child will receive a second wristband with the time of their class written on the wristband. Enjoy your time outside at GymPalooza then simply come inside the gym at your designated time and a Twistars Gymnastics Coach will escort your child onto the gymnastics floor for their class.

Where should I park? +

Where should I park?

The Summit has plenty of FREE parking on all sides of the building.

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